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White Rock Mt trail map

The 14th annual Wudi ride is going to take place at the White Rock Mt, Arkansas (WRM) public riding trails SE of Fayetteville, AR. See the links above for directions and GPS coordinates. We will be using my club's campground for this event. The festivities will center around the weekend of the March 31 - April 1, 2012 this year. Normally, the riding starts on Thursday or Friday and goes through Sun or Mon. This is a public riding area, though, so folks can start and end whenever they like, but the camp area will not be open until Wednesday evening to guests.

WRM has a variety of trails. Lots of ATV trails that are pretty beginner friendly. The WRM Enduro is based out of this campground, so there is also a lot of great enduro trails, too. The enduro is actually the weekend before Wudi this year out of the same campground. You’re welcome to come to that, as well. This is a public riding area so there will be other traffic on the trails, especially on the ATV trails, so keep that in mind as you ride there. It's rocky and hilly in a lot of places, so typical Ozark Mt riding terrain.

As I mentioned above, the Razorback Riders Club was gracious enough to allow us to hold this event out of their campground. We have many sites with electricty and water, as well as a dump station. There will be outhouses there, too. The camp also has a nice club house and playground for the kids. We just recently graveled many of the RV ready strips. Many of the members have volunteered to come down and help with this ride. So we should have lots of great guides. That's key as it can be hard to find some of the good trails there, and it can be easy to get turned around out there as it's a pretty big riding area. Many thanks in advance to my clubmates for this!!

There will be a fee for the use of the camp and to pay for the outhouses. To make it simple, this is how it will work. There will be a one time gate fee for everyone coming in. It is $25 a head, kids under 12 free. I will get some wrist bands to identify you as paid. The only other fee is a one time fee for the weekend of $30 for anyone wanting a site with elec/water. Doesn't matter if it's 1 night or 4 nights, same fee. There are a lot of elec/water sites, but not all will be available as club members will be using some of them, so it's first come, first served on the unoccupied sites. Dry camping is included in the gate fee.

On the other Wudi trips over the years to these areas, temps have been mostly from near freezing at night to 50/60+ during the day. Altitude will be up to 2000' so no rejetting should be required. We will not be arrowing any trails, so you’ll either be on your own or hook up with one of the guides.

You should run heavy tubes in both tires. I've run Pirelli MT16 rears and either MT18 or Dunlop 756 fronts there with great results. Trials tires work really well at White Rock, too. There are a lot of sharp rocks, so you'll tear up whatever kind of tire you bring, most likely.

We have a dedicated Wudi forum now. See it here. You don't have to register to post, but I'd prefer if you do. In any case, please leave enough info in any posts so we know who you are.

Some club members have volunteered their guiding services. Thanks guys! One gentleman even said he'd be willing to guide a more open, scenic kind of ride using his 4x4 Mule. So more of an ATV type deal. I told him I appreciated it, and would pass the word. I’ll also try to get more guides.

We will have a person there selling concessions. There is NO expectation that Wudi riders will buy their food there, nor is there any minimum, etc. We told them they could setup if they liked kind of deal, and they said they'd be there. Sounds like they do all 3 meals, if you choose to use them.
I have had some questions about who is "invited". All y'all are. It's open to everyone that loves to dirt bike and BS around the campfire. I got some hotel information, but no group rate this year as I couldn't promise a minimum number of reservations. See the hotel information page.  

These annual WUDI rides happen each year to let the northern types, aka Yankees, get some winter riding in. The only riding they get to do at that time of year is on snowmobiles. WUDI stands for WUDsracer Invitational. "Wudsracer" is Jim's user name on the usenet group, which is where I first got to know him. I moved to NW Arkansas in 2005 from MN but Jim is keeping the tradition alive. It's only open to all ya'lls who can come so it's not much of an invitational, actually.

These events started when Jim Cook extended an invitation to my Yankee self and friends to come down south and ride. He's since come to regret the offer but he's too much of a gentleman to turn the northeners down when they come begging each winter. It's grown from there into whatever it is now. This is NOT a full blown spodefest or anything. Just an informal get together.

There is a little store in Combs, if you need it. Keep in mind that Arkansas police love their radar guns and like giving out speeding tickets (I call them 'revenurs). Jim had warned me about it for years but I still got a speeding ticket my 2nd day after moving down here in '05. 5-7 over is okay but you're on borrowed time much above that on non-highways. Especially take it very easy going through Elkins on Hwy 16!!

Jim Cook, for those of you who didn't know, owned Smackover Motorsports in scenic Smackover, Ark where he sold GasGas dirtbikes and parts to many very happy customers. I think most of you already know but the dirt bike world took a big hit last year when Smackover Motorsports closed their doors. A huge loss for all us enthusiasts.

Email me, link at the bottom of the page, if you want to get on my e-mailing list for this event.

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